On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions. Here you can check whether the issue that you are dealing with has already been described and solved. If the problem is not in the list below, you can report the problem to CA - by completing the form below.

The private key and certificate (public key) are the two most important files that are needed for the proper functioning of your digital signature. While you can always get a certificate from the plgrid-ca.pl site, the private key can only be found on your computer.

If you requested a certificate based on CSR then your private key is located in directory where you ran OpenSSL (it could be on a remote computer). If you do not know the abbreviations of CSR and/or OpenSSL then you probably requested certificate using the traditional method. In this case, the private key is in your web browser. In the popular browsers you can export the certificate and private key into a single dile and use in other programs that require certification.

Remember  To see the private key in some browsers, you must first download the matching certificate.
Remember  If you plan to use the certificate / private key in other programs or on other computer, then you need to export the certificate from the browser. It is recommended to store the private key in safe!

Polish GRID Certification Authority is trying to not allow such a situation. For this purpose, we are sending to our users notifications well in advance. Notifications inform of certificate expiration and request for certificate renewal. If you renew the certificate before it expires using the Renew certificate option it can be very quick to verify and sign the certificate by CA.

However, if the user certificate has expired, follow the following procedure:

  1. report in person to the RA, which supported previous certificate (RA must verify that the user actually has the right to a DN)
  2. request for a certificate (as if it occurred for the first time)
  3. follow the instructions in email (re-contact with the RA)

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