The rules for formatting DN

CSR submitted to the RA should have the appropriate format:

  • first there should be a field C=PL,
  • then field O=GRID (written in capital letters),
  • then, depending on the organization, the next field O=...
    Organization name Organization field
    Częstochowa - PCz Politechnika Czestochowska
    Gdańsk - TASK TASK
    Gliwice - US US
    Kraków - AGH AGH
    Kraków - Cyfronet Cyfronet
    Kraków - GridwiseTech GridwiseTech
    Kraków - IFJ IFJ
    Kraków - INP INP
    Kraków - UJ UJ
    Opole - UO Opole University
    Poznań - AMU AMU
    Poznań - IBCH IBCH
    Poznań - PP PP
    Poznań - PSNC PSNC
    Warszawa - Bioexploratorium Bioexploratorium
    Warszawa - CAMK CAMK
    Warszawa - CBK CBK
    Warszawa - IBB PAN IBB PAN
    Warszawa - ICM ICM
    Warszawa - IMGW IMGW
    Warszawa - ING PAN Instytut Nauk Geologicznych PAN
    Warszawa - INS INS
    Warszawa - IPJ IPJ
    Warszawa - NCBJ NCBJ
    Warszawa - OAUW OAUW
    Warszawa - Uniwersytet University of Warsaw
    Warszawa - WUT Warsaw University of Technology
    Warszawa - WUT - Wydział Fizyka Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Physics
    Wrocław - WCSS WCSS
  • if the above table does not contain your organization, you should contact with CA,
  • last field is CN field, which contains person name or name of the server or service.

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